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Ray Tracing: The Rest of Your Life

Ray Tracing: The Rest Of Your Life (Ray Tracing Minibooks Book 3)  

Chapter 0 Overview

This page is for further reading and a page to comment on.   This book is for people who have already written a ray tracer as an entry portal into the world of graphics research.  So this book has a narrower audience than the previous two mini-books.   It covers a path tracer's probabilistic sampling in enough detail to get people up to speed to follow the literature and rendering trends.

Chapter 1: A Simple Monte Carlo Program

Don Mitchell has a nice paper on how jittering changes convergence rates.

Chapter 2: Monte Carlo Integration

Chapter 3: Light Scattering

Chapter 4: Importance Sampling Methods

Chapter 5: Generating Random Directions

Chapter 6: Ortho-normal Bases

    A very nice little trick on quickly generating ONBs

Chapter 7: Sampling Lights Directly

Chapter 8: Mixture Densities

Chapter 9: Some Architectural Decisions

Chapter 10: Cleaning Up Pdf Management

Chapter 11: The Rest of Your Life

Rendering is a mature enough field that there are several good book on it now.   First I would get yourself a copy of this book:
Physically Based Rendering, Third Edition: From Theory To Implementation
I used it as a text in my course instead of my own book.   It is that good!

This is another extremely good book on physically based rendering:
Advanced Global Illumination, Second Edition

This book is older, but it mostly covers topics that don't age and I would definitely get a copy.   It's treatment of the math topics useful in graphics are my favorite (for example the basis function discussion is amazing):  (update-- it is free online!)
Principles of Digital Image Synthesis (The Morgan Kaufmann Series in Computer Graphics) 2 Volume Set

You will want to start putting out high dynamic range images.   You are already computing them!  This book is a very good discussion of high dynamic range issues:
High Dynamic Range Imaging, Second Edition: Acquisition, Display, and Image-Based Lighting

This is another older book.   It's still got some gold in it, and if you're gonna stay in the area long-haul then I would buy it:
An Introduction to Ray Tracing (The Morgan Kaufmann Series in Computer Graphics)

Henrik Jensen has a very nice book on photon mapping that is also just a good book on physically-based rendering. Realistic Image Synthesis Using Photon Mapping 2nd Revised edition by Jensen, Henrik Wann (2001) Paperback


  1. Hi Peter,

    I enjoyed reading the 3rd part of this series, great work and thanks on diving into the details of Monte Carlo ray tracing. Here's some remarks:

    - There are some leftover declarations of inside_circle and inside_circle_stratified in the pieces of code in Chapter 2.
    - There's two chapters numbered "2"
    - The book has quite some math in it, and, although I am familiar with most of the concepts introduced, writing operations/concepts like sqrt and integral as text (instead of using the math symbols) made it a little hard to follow.
    - The Cornell Box rendering just above the start of Chapter 11 shows some black pixels. I wouldn't have expected those when using 1000 rays/pixel and doing importance sampling of the light source.
    - More a remark on the whole series, but was it intentional that the code segments appear as images in the book, thereby making them impossible to copy-paste and build upon?
    - Funny that you mention Intel before NVIDIA in the closing chapter, knowing your employer :)

    1. Thanks Paul. Those are all very helpful. Those black pixels are the most worrisome-- I will track that down-- sounds like a bug!

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  2. On the black spots I have made some progress:

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. Around section 160 the code for surrounding_box() is repeated, I think the first is erroneous as it says it is for calculating the bounding box of a moving sphere. And then a couple of paragraphs later the text introduces surrounding_box() appears

  5. Hello Peter.
    According Mitchel paper “In the worst case, stratification is no better (but no worse) than uniform random sampling,” and as I understand from paper this observation is true for a higher dimension too. But in book you advise to use stratification only for one dimension and avoid use it for higher dimension. Why is there such controversy? Or maybe I missed something while reading Mitchel paper.

    1. Oh Mitchell is quite right that stratification never hurts convergence. However, there is some software engineering cost. So I avoid it unless it helps a lot. Note in 2D it definitely helps a lot. In 3D-4D it usually does too. In distribution ray tracing it can help even in 7D if the noise mainly comes from a couple of the dimensions and the projection of the samples is well stratified in those dimensions.

  6. This comment has been removed by the author.

  7. Hi sorry for the delay in replying. Here is my answer for the Chapter 2 questions. I will consider the chapter 3 questions as soon as I can get to them.

    "At the beginning, why do you chose to integrate cos^2(theta) ?"

    I just picked an arbitrary function that I could analytically integrate just so I could check my answers. In practice the integrals with do with Monte Carlo will not be analytically integrate.

    We are supposed to find a way to sample points in a unit sphere in a uniform way, aren't we ?
    Moreover, the code you provide in the end of of this chapter seems to compute the volume of a unit sphere, on my side it gave me 4.18 which seems to be this volume (4/3 * PI * r^3) (whereas it is written it's supposed to give (8/3)*PI for a reason I don't understand).

    "We are supposed to find a way to sample points in a unit sphere in a uniform way, aren't we ?"

    Only for convenience. A great thing about Monte Carlo is we can use any distribution as long as it samples all of the domain.

    "Moreover, the code you provide in the end of of this chapter seems to compute the volume of a unit sphere, on my side it gave me 4.18 which seems to be this volume (4/3 * PI * r^3) (whereas it is written it's supposed to give (8/3)*PI for a reason I don't understand)."

    We should get the integral of cos^2 over the whole sphere. This is 2PI INT_-pi^pi cos^2 sin dtheta = 2*PI*(1/3)cos^3 = 4PI/3... ok we need to revisit this tomorrow! You may be right there and I might be wrong!

  8. OK I have had my coffee. Yes I think that integral is indeed 4PI/3 so the book is ok there. Note we are not computing the volume of the sphere-- we are doing the integral of the function cos^2(theta) which will be some number we compute.

  9. On the second part (chapter 3) there is a question about the s and the p. "color = (A * s(direction) * color(direction)) / p(direction))" This is just my variant on the more usual MC integration

    color = BDRF(direction) cosTheta color(direction) / p(direction).

    The reason there is an s() AND a p() is it isn't always convenient/possible/desirable to have the p be exactly the same as the reflection function. So the p() might send the ray in the "wrong" direction, and you weight it (by dividing by p) to account for over or under sampling certain directions.

    The exact math turns out to be nice and simple. Choose and implement a p. Sample according to p. Weight according to p.

    1. Thanks Yoann-- I am being thick. Which final question?

    2. This (theta,phi) to theta and phi bookkeeping is critical to get right, and is always mildly painful because of the details. The good news is the code doesn't suffer from increased complexity. I will do a full blog post on this soon-- lots of people have this question and I certainly did as well.

  10. Hi,

    Thank you for the books, they were very helpful!

    I implemented a ray tracer with their help. I think I found an issue with the importance sampling. I'll try to describe it here in words.

    The idea is that there is a list of objects that are 'important' (like the light in your book). Now, the same object also exists in the scene. It might happen that both the origin point and the generated target point to be on the same object, which for a rectangle for example means along the surface. But the pdf value for such a vector is zero, which means a division by zero. In my code I just checked for such a case and tried sampling again if that was the case, in a loop until success.


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  14. In the original entry, Chap 6 has a link to a pdf file on on ONBs, but the link goes to a "page not found."

    Note on the ebook:
    It looks like the PDFs explore the Lambert material, but don't really get into the rest. I think the defaults could be set up to still leave the other materials working-ish while the Lambert is optimized.

    In Chapter 4 PDFs the material base class has a float method scattering_pdf that has a virtual base returning false. Presumably, that will cast to a float 0.0f, but since color will be multiplying this, then returning a float 1.0f would be more "do no harm."
    The color declares a float pdf that is uninitialized because it is expected to be set in scatter, but we're only implementing this (for now) in Lambertian. This is later divided in the return calculation, so I think at declaration time, if it is initialized to 1.0f, it is more "do no harm." That is, by setting these both to 1.0f, the other materials will just multiply and divide by 1, and should return something close to what they did before.

  15. In Chapter 7: Sampling Lights Directly, you reference the emitted member function of hitable with a signature that includes the hit_record.
    I believe emitted is actually a member function of material and does not include a hit_record, so at this point, it actually needs to be implemented in the color function.
    Note that later in Chapter 8 (Mixture Density), this is confirmed in the color function, where there is a reference to rec.mat_ptr->emitted, so I think in Chapter 7, emitted is not in hitable. Maybe that came from a later branch of the code?

  16. In Chapter 10: Cleaning up pdf management
    I think there is a serious memory leak in lambertian. The line
    srec.pdf_ptr = new cosine_pdf(hrec.normal);
    allocates a new cosine_pdf, but nothing ever destroys it.
    In the next code block for color, I see a scatter_record (srec) is created for each hit, and it's lifetime is inside the "if world->hit". Something like a unique_ptr from C++11 would take care of that automatically, but if not that, either the scatter_record should have a destructor that checks the pdf_ptr and destroys it if it's non-nullptr/0. Or at least does that at the end of the world->hit loop.

    I mention this because I watched the memory completely explode when I was running this with 1000 samples, and it actually segfaulted. I saw the memory grow to consume all available memory on my computer - I think the process was well over 5 Gig. But after changing it to a unique_ptr, the memory stayed down at around a calmer 2 Meg.

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  24. In chapter4 Importances Sampling Materials the picture with title "Cornell box, refactored" is the product using `random_in_unit_sphere()` in function scatter. but the code below with sampling where *p(r)=s(r)=cos(theta)/pi* using `random_unit_vector()`. So the picture is not same. the color is more uniform in picture using `random_unit_vector()`

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  26. It covers a path tracer's probabilistic sampling in enough detail to get people

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